The Danio Family at this year’s Shambhala Music Festival (Aug 7-10 , 2015)

danio - fbcover - 2015-07-31

Always a great honour to be part of the Shambhala family.

And this year the Danio crew is out on full force to help bring the heat up a few notches in all of the stages.

Catch Timothy Wisdom Thursday at 1.30 p.m. doing what he does best kicking things off at the Amphitheatre.

Slynk will be at the Fractal Forest Friday @ 8.30 p.m. followed by Fort Knox Five (10 p.m.), Stickybuds (1 a.m.) & K+lab (4 a.m.)

More Fractal Forest action with Wood N Soo rocking the party @ 4 p.m.

Wood n Soo – Shambhala 2015 mix by Dj_S00 on Mixcloud

And finally JPOD will bring his signature dance moves to the magic of the GROVE. (Wish I could post his set from last year Shmabhala but, well, sound cloud recently terminated his account due to reasons that some might consider questionable at best)

One more reason to make the trip to the farm and shake all you got.

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