Tomas Avendano

Artist Manager

Years in the making . . . I’ve taken my own personal life and business experiences in administration, management consulting and combined it with my love for music and appreciation for artists and their passion to evolve my management service company to focus on – Artist & Talent Management. . . .

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Kristin Robinson

Marketing Assistant


Giulio delle Nuvole

Blog Contributor

Giulio came to British Columbia with little knowledge and understanding of Electronic Music. Some may have called, back then, even an aversion. And then? After a memorable hitching adventure through the roads of the Kootenay’s Mountain, he landed in Nelson B.C. just in time to catch Z-trip playing at the infamous Spirit Bar.

A new journey began on that very dancefloor – musically inspired by Z-trip first and than by the many talented artists that he met in his now home away from home – and he never looked back.

From Reggae Dub, to Glitch Hop with out forgetting an healthy dosage of Drum n’ Bass and Funk, Electronic music is now an endless source of inspiration and happiness in Giulio’s life.

It’s a way to connect, to share and be together as important as Giulio’s other life passion: food. And when You magically combine these 2 elements together is also where You might spot Giulio flying above the clouds.