Summer Music Festival Series – On the Road to SHAMBHALA Music Festival (Salmo River Ranch, B.C., August 8 to 11)


WHEN:: August 8 – 11, 2014
WHERE: Salmo River Ranch, B.C.
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Our Summer Music Festival Series takes us to the beautiful Salmo River Ranch for a Festival that needs no introduction and whose fame has reached every corner of the world: The Shambhala family will be celebrating its 17th year of life!

Describing in writing the Shambhala experience is as tricky as teaching a kid how to ride a bike by drawing a diagram: no matter how useful the information provided might be, you wont really know how it feels till you hop on and try it for yourself.

The same holds true for a festival that is hard to capture into words for the wide variety of human experiences it offers and how this experiences will change your being will be intimately personal, and vary from person to person.

But one things for sure, it is a life changing experience, an adventure that will offer an opportunity to appreciate and witness the uniqueness of human expressions in all of their forms, may this be as an observer or as a participant – making the trip to the ranch loaded with lessons and opportunities to grow.

Many will be making the trip to the ranch, inspired by a line-up so full of talent that choosing which stage to navigate next will prove difficult to say the least – putting you in front of one of the sweetest challenges Shambhala has to offer.

Bassnectar will be taking over the Pagoda on Saturday night – the stage known as Shambhala’s Main Stage, not genre oriented, vibe-sexual heaven, and with one of the best audio visual productions on the planet.


Meanwhile, Emancipator will be performing in the magical stand of old-growth forest of the Grove – a welcoming dance floor surrounded by towering cedar trees, lush pathways, creative art installations and interactive chill zones with a focus on feature deep sounds in world beat, down-tempo, glitch-hop, psychedelic dub, and a variety of live bands.


Oh, but wait a moment. A quick glimpse at the schedule and a few wishing fingers point out that Featurecast is also performing in one of the Funkiest Place on Earth: Fractal Forest!

A show within a show within a show, magical encounters are bound to happen as you embark on the funky spaceship for an epic journey to the enchanted woodland of the 12th dimension.


But as you make your way to the enchanted forest, your ears catch the unmistakable and refined music production of none other than DJ Nu-Mark performing at the Village stage.

The gift of ubiquity will be mastered by the end of your musical journey at Shambhala and your appreciation for music and live performances will reach new levels!


Partners in crime and long time friends Stickybuds & Jpod The Beat Chef both hold Shambhala close to their heart, as this festival has seen them, more than others, grow as artists as well as human beings.

Ten years have gone by from their first appearance at the Festival, and for their tenth appearance they will be performing back to back on Friday night at the Fractal Forest – JPOD at 10:00-11:30, Stickybuds at 11:30-1:00 – stay tuned in between their sets for a special reunion jam!

Stroll down memory lane and Check out Stickypod Connection’s Shambhala 2009 Mix!

Looking back at last year performance, Stickybuds – with full Wookie Power behind him – unleashed a Monster set – over an hour and a half of simply good Music that destroyed a rammed well over capacity Fractal Forest.

And then JPod of course – a man whose name needs no introduction, with its ability to transform any dance-floor into a smile academy.

One part moving your body, one part feeding your soul, Jpod’s music is that perfect recipe that lifts the spirit with rich flavors of melody and bass while you dance and smile in complete freedom, as his latest release on Addictech beautifully captures:

There is so much more that Shambhala has to offer, and a quick look at their photo gallery will give you a sweet taste of it and will plant the seed of a journey that should be done at least once in every person’s life time.

What else to add? Words seem limiting to descibe an experience that needs to be lived, so pack your bag well, follow Shambhala via facebook, twitter, and instagram and make the journey to the Salmo River Ranch!


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