Summer Music Festival Series – On the Road to BUSHWACKED (Beaverdell, BC – June 26-30)!


Here in British Columbia, you learn quickly the importance music plays in the lives of most.

The most exciting and inspiring way to discover the depth of this music culture is through the many Musical Festivals that serenade our warm summers. Over the next few weeks, we will take a journey through all that the interweb has to offer. We’ll explore our favorite Festivals the Danio Artists will be travelling to, the inspiring people that created them, and their vision. A proper place to start our adventure is I/O – a documentary that explore the reasons behind such gatherings and connects the common dots between them:

The I/O computing term is defined as the communication between an information processing system (such as a computer), and the outside world (such as a person). I/O is a reflection of the communication between electronic music and individuals. Their bodies, their minds…their turntables and laptops. This behavioural documentary is an ethnographic look into the influential realm of these amorphous sounds and their effects on the human psyche, technology, and sociocultural anthropology.

I/O Official Teaser from Reverse Media on Vimeo

Our journey starts on June 26 with Bushwacked Music Festival!

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WHEN:: June 26 – June 30
WHERE: Beaverdell, BC
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Bushwacked Festival 2014 is a labor of love, 6 years in the making. Over time, it has transformed into a fusion of music, visual entertainment, nature, technology, and colorful art as it consciously grew thanks to the vision and the passion of Geminate Production and Envasion. This year’s Bushwacked Festival has been extended to a full 4 night event and includes a stellar line-up of some of the finest talent the West Coast of Canada has to offer, including NeighbourBag-O-Beetz, DubConscious, That African, Bob Smoke and many more (full lineup HERE).

True to his constant evolution, this year Bushwacked will also feature a new stage headed by the infamous Arcade crew.

“The Horse Portal” is already shaping up to a place to bounce filled as is with international artists such as Goosebumpz, Crazy Daylight , Mr. Rogers, Michael Fraser & Shamanic Technology set to play along side more of our local talents.

Big ups to the Arcade crew for showing once again their dedication to our music community and so looking forward to discover their contribution to the festival!


Keep a close eye on the evolution of the Horse Portal here.

Our very own Jpod the Beat Chef is set to rock the party with his unique bouncy-bass, sure to get the dance floor in full-on boogie smile mode. And with the release of his latest EP – Taking a Deep Breath, it seems almost too easy to picture him putting on his virtuoso hat and guiding you to  the dance floor in no time.

This summer season is promising to be another diverse and flavorful journey for Jpod! He’s spent the winter season working hard in his studio – delighting us weekly with an incredible series of free downloads from the Blues & BeBop series (that you can check out here) and a few selected quality releases that have been on a steady rotation here at the Danio HQ.

So, our Summer Festival Tour starts with Bushwacked! This awesome festival is sure to bring on the intimate family-vibes that come from a consciously curated gathering. It’s that perfect size, where you’re sure to connect with your special crew all weekend, and delight in making new friends at every stage. Be sure to take part in the daily yoga, workshops, awesome vendors, the lush river lounging and of course the top-notch musicians – who’ll be performing on some truly unique stages. Take every opportunity to freely dance, smile and express yourself under the open sky. See you there!

Stay connected with Bushwacked Festival via the following links: Photos from Bushwacked 2013 // Bushwacked Festival 2014 on the web // Bushwacked Festival 2014 on Instagram.

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