Summer Music Festival Series – On the Road to BASS COAST (Merritt, B.C., August 1-4)


WHEN:: August 1-4, 2014
WHERE: Merritt, B.C.
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As we work our way through the heat of the summer, our journey exploring Summer Festivals take us to Merritt B.C., to a gathering that holds a special place in many people’s hearts: BASSCOAST PROJECT 2014

In the first week-end of August, music, ideas, art & inspiration will find their unique balance once again in the Bass Coast, showing even in its initials, the deep connection this gathering has with the land and the environment.

The love of electronic music, of community, and creative innovation in all of its forms, is at the core of the experience the project is passionate about providing, as it is beautifully expressed in the Bass Coast Mutiny Manifesto

“When we gather, force is unleashed, in which the seeds of a bright future grow”

Bass Coast starts with music and the power & beauty of the Bass to build on its rich culture a platform that becomes a gathering place for artists, scientists, designers, yogi’s, environmentalists, freedom fighters, business minds, intellectuals, party-goers, poets and dancers.

The philosophy is simple – the results are immediate.

By creating a supportive environment for ideas, colors and sounds to freely circulate, inspiration abounds allowing participant to explore the many layers within themselves.

And then there is Music of course!

Float down the Coldwater River to Slay Bay stage, dance in the lush forest at Pirate Radio stage, and be part of an epic pirate bass mutiny at Main Stage: with over 100 innovative DJ’s & artists from around the world, your next favorite artists will be most likely performing at Bass Coast 2014.

A Tribe called Red, Adham Shaikh, Daega Sound, the Gaff, Sweet Anomaly, Pumpkin are nothing but a small taste of a full-of-talent line up that will make it difficult to choose which stage to navigate next.

Over the years, Jpod the Beat Chef‘s sets at Bass Coast have become something a little closer to magic then just music, and it can’t not make you smile the idea that you will find his crisp beats and bouncy basslines awating You on the dance floor.

During last year set, Mr. Podsta grabbed our hands and took us on an epic musical journey filled with Moody Blues, Upbeat Swing and beautiful Vocals (a journey He was kind enough to share with all of us for free) all skilfully mixed in that instant smile provoking way that the Beat Chef has gotten us used to over the years.

After Grass & Gospel, Folk & Frolic, and Blue & Bebop, the new installment in the BlissCoast series will take you on a sonic journey refreshing the classic sounds of Mambo & Motown!

Pure Musical Bliss for Your ears, the adjectives for this talented producer will never be able to fully describe the pure talent that comes through his music: his love and passion and his endless wish to share it with the Bass Nation really bring true magic on the dance-floor of Bass Coast, so make sure to catch him live on Sunday afternoon.

But it wont be all on Jpod to represent the Danio team at Bass Coast.

Tomas Avendano, founder of Danio Management, will be sharing his knowledge and passion with the many aspiring artists that unite to festivals such as Bass Coast, in search of inspiration and guidance, with the first of hopefully many workshops.

The title itself (ARTIST & TALENT MANAGEMENT – THE BUSINESS OF DOING WHAT YOU LOVE) well summarizes the philosophy around which Tomas has built Danio on: build a sustainable business around your dream to allow you to fully live that very same dream.

The ideas of sharing and help building a music community have always been in Tomas’s mind from the very beginning and after a few years in the business he is truly looking forward to share some of this experience with the community that has supported him, taught him and helped him grow over the years.

Tomas - Team Danio

So make sure to learn more about the business of doing what You love and come and meet the man that is helping the talent of Stickybuds, Jpod, Timothy Wisdom, Basement Freaks, Slynk, and Wood n Soo, as well as work on tours for Mr. Bill, Pimpsoul, and D-Funk.

Bass Coast has managed to win the hearts of many already and it’s waiting to win yours with its endless array of entertainment for your senses.

So take a minute and learn why you should be floating down the beautiful Coldwater river the first week-end of August by visiting this project on facebook , and on the web and make sure to connect with JPOD via social medias below.

Good Music, Good People & Nature will be waiting for you there!


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