Stickybuds – Fractal Forest Mix – Shambhala 2015

You would think that after 11 years playing in the same venue it might become tricky (or at least trickier) to find the inspiration to put something special together.

But the simple truth is that year after year Stickybdus shows up at the Forest, queues the whole venue to his monitor and the exact opposite happens.

Every year is better, more intricate and pleasing with its hunting accepellas and tightly clever instrumentation, change in tempos & a virus like ability to make your body move.

The reason for this are many.

The Fractal Forest is a magical place to perform. This is out of question.

Shambhala’s festival is perhaps the most prestigious and internationally well know festival Tyler plays at: He has expressed often in the past what it meant for him to play there.

But the simple truth is that Stickybuds has spent another year playing 100s of shows, travelling the world, perfecting his skills, collaborating with artists such as DJ Vadim and releasing quality original West Coast funk inspired chart topping music. And then it steps into the forest and condense all of that experience & inspiration in a 1.5 hours long sonic journey that will make your head turn to the speakers and wonder what it took to conjure such a tight and eclectic set.

Every year, here at the Danio HQ we say “this is our favourite Stickybdus’s Shambhala Set“. We are convinced of it. Then the new one comes out and…?

I think it’s time to press play: you can be the judge

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