SLYNK – LIVE @ Shambhala Fractal Forest Mix

Buckle up and get ready for a sonic journey that will take you trough the Shambhala’s most well know forest with captain Slynk at the control decks and his Shambhala Fractal Forest Mix in your ears.

The long awaited mix is contagious, brilliant & exhilarating with its intoxicating, 1.5 hours long, balancing act of funk, breaks, and b-boy productions that will slip into your ears with the attitude and swag of a true Bass Maestro.

Slynk has proven his worth plenty of times now (check here & here for defintive proof) and the mix delivers all of that you would expect with its clever instrumentation, changes in tempos, and that charismatic Bravado so distinctive in his sound.

Funking fresh but with so much added experience when compared to previous appearances, it will make you sweat. So clear off some room & go.

Please listen responsibly.

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