Slynk & Granular Sumo – People Get Up

Bring your day up a few notches with Slynk and Granulare Sumo.

“This is my second track with the amazing undiscovered talent, Granular Sumo. This guy deserves way more credit than he gets. He’s truly dedicated to the art of writing music. His sound design is uncomparable. I’ve been around for a while. You probably know me for my Glitch Hop and Funk joints. But way back, about 15 years ago when I first discovered music production, I found a deep connection with jump up style dnb. There’s so much energy and it just feels so good to dance to. Back then I’d decided I wanted to become a drum and bass producer but somewhere along the line, I discovered funk and glitch hop. But occasionally I revisit my old friend drum and bass. And I’ve got to say, it’s been a while. I’ve missed you! To all the dance floor ragers and jump up people, this one is for you.”



Pre-Order – 6th Feb
Release Date – 10th Feb

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