JPOD & Mustafa Akbar – Dance Tonite

Back on the Soundcloud but with the usual style, JPOD just delivered a soon to be classic featuring the vocals of non others than long time pal and Fort Knox Five aficionado Mustafa Akbar. The song is great as pressing play will quickly prove, but there is more to it, as it often happens with the good JPOD.

In late 2016 Mustafa Akbar was in a terrible car accident. The fact that he survived the intense wreck is a fantastic miracle. However without medical benefits he is solely responsible for expensive hospital bills and ongoing therapy that will be required on his road to recovery.

His amazing friends at Fort Knox Recordings have created a GoFundMe Campaign to help him cover these enormous costs.

Since Mustafa and JPOD have been working together, He has kindly decided to donate this track for the cause. Anyone who donates to this campaign can send him a message to with their donation info and he will reply with a WAV copy of this track.


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