JPOD – BlissCoast vol6: Cape & Kalimba

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JPOD has just released his Bass Coast 2016 set – BlissCoast Vol 6: Cape & Kalimba!

I’m grateful and lucky enough to be present at all SIX volumes, each one unique and filled with so much heart and soul that we can expect from this one-of-a-kind man. His dedication and commitment to this annual tradition is evident year in and year out. For this years BassCoast Sunday, JPOD performed at the Radio Stage blissed in a gallant golden cape and cap that had signature signs of his crafty and artsy beautiful wife Rebecca.

For me personally, I will never forget JPOD introducing his set by personally reflecting on life since last Bass Coast (2015). A period when good friends were tragically lost and also a time where he and Bec were gifted life with their daughter Maizey. I was deeply moved as he spoke from his heart and segued into his first track – a spiritually beautiful JPOD Remix of Mzansi Youth Choir – Ndikhokhele – that literally brought me to tears. (Thank You Jase for that moment, it was an important part of my own grieving of our very good friend)

I know just how special Bass Coast is for JPOD, as it has also become for myself. This BlissCoast Volume will become another staple of my personal mixes I listen to throughout the year bringing me back each time to that moment I’m bouncing, getting silly, playing under the sun, and feeling all the love and smiles with some of my favourite people.

Sit back, and re-live this beautiful set or melt into it for the very first time…

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Published on YouTube Sep 5, 2016
While researching for this year’s theme I found myself deeply moved by African choir music. Rich vocal harmonies have always been a solid source for goose bumps. And there’s few things more soulful than an African choir. I also attempted to experiment with tempos and styles outside of my usual range. So hopefully this continues to satisfy your musical desires!

Many thanks to Bass Coast Festival ( and all its lovely participants who have been a wonderful part of the continuous growth of this series. Stay tune for BlissCoast 7…

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01 – Mzansi Youth Choir – Ndikhokhele (JPOD remix)
02 – Alaa Wardi – Shalamonti (JPOD remix)
– interlude – Bobby McFerrin & Manhattan Transfer – Another Night In Tunisia
03 – Mbongwana Star – Malukayi (JPOD remix)
04 – Amy Winehouse – All My Lovin (JPOD remix)
05 – Paul Simon – Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes [Part 2] (JPOD remix)
– interlude – Gentleman’s Rule – The Pachanelly Canon
06 – Soweto Gospel Choir – Hlohonolofatsa (JPOD remix)
07 – Baaba Maal – Kalaajo (JPOD remix)
08 – Amar Sundy – Camel Shuffle (JPOD remix)
09 – Harry Belafonte – Dolly Dawn (JPOD remix)
– interlude – Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Lelilungelo Elakho
10 – Kenyan Boys Choir – Kayra Sillo (JPOD remix)
11 – Samite – Agalilala & Night Stories (JPOD remix)
12 – Paul Simon – Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes [Part 1] (JPOD remix)
– outro – Miriam Makeba – I’mm You’mm We’mm

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Bonus Photo!
Thanks to Jase & Bec, Tyler got to hang out with us for Sunday night!
Always a good time with these boys!