Fort Knox Five ft. Qdup – Four Deck DJ Set – 2015 Shambhala Mix

It’s always sweet when you spot FK5‘s name written beside a play button.

You know damn well that with just one click your speakers will acquire supernatural powers while transforming your bedroom, your kitchen, the park, or even just your ears in a full dance floor party.

Always fresh of course, but particularly so because celebrating 10 years of the D.C. Collective at the Fractal Forest, this years Four Deck Dj set for Shambhala Music Festival feat. QduP is…well…brilliant, but I guess we already knew that.

The Sonic journey visits plenty of FK5’s latest Pressurize the Cabin LP but is of course soaked in that worldly Funk that makes them so unquestionably pleasing to your ears: from sweet balkan vibes, to dubby flutes & old school Hip-Hop, this set will seduce your feet to the nearest dance floor.

Qdup‘s talent adds to the floor destroying action with plenty of live mashed up acapellas, fx, original tunes, exclusive mixes and many favourites.

The funk is served.

And it’s now available as a free download, which means go send them your mad love right now via Facebook, comments, re-posting & sharing.


It was a bittersweet celebration for many as the sad news of our dear friend and musical partner Jon Horvath aka DJ Jon H of FK5 had already reached the farm.

The overwhelming love express by the forest, and the continuos recognition for a man that truly contributed like no others to creating and building the Funk, speaks loudly of JON and how honourably he lived his life.

But words today will not be louder than the music, so today and everyday let the Funk play loud and think of Jon H.


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