FEATURECAST – “Shout it Out” Album

Release Date: April 29, 2016 | Jalapeno Records JAL 212|

By: Kristal Hunter
Photos by: JoffreyPhoto.com

The recently released album Shout It Out on Jalepeno Records will take you on a journey through different genres ranging from hip-hop, drum and bass, soul, funk, glitch-hop, breaks while keeping the Featurecast drum sound we all know and love. The album has been 2 years in the making as Featurecast, aka Lee Mintram, started writing it after his 2012 release of ‘Run for Cover.


Like any new project he wanted to ensure that listeners felt as if they were hearing a live set and the only way to achieve such a vision was to make every track unique but also incorporating his original sound. Writing an album can be full of moments of difficulty, but these tough experiences allow the opportunity to create something incredibly mind-blowing.

SHOUT IT OUT – Album Preview Mix (MAY 2016)

Featurecast: ” ‘Shout it Out’ Album track ‘Move’ was a more challenging track to master then others; I just really struggled to get the sound and mix right on that track, it became a bit of a mission and eventually had to just let it go and say it’s done. Sometimes it’s hard to let tracks go and not keep coming back to add bits or take parts out. After tweaking the high hat one too many times this ultimate booty bumping track that found its spot half way through the album.”


Featurecast aka Lee is a family man and once and awhile his more than supportive wife takes a break from being mommy to their daughter, Ofelia, to hit the dance floor. She gets especially excited during a drum and bass sequence, so Lee wanted to capture her love for that style – “‘Crystal Dawn’ was written for my wife. On my first album ‘Run for Cover’ I wrote a track for my daughter called ‘Ofelia’s World’ and wanted to do the same for the new album and Crystal Dawn was the result of that. It also features one of my wife’s favourite instruments the double bass and if you listen carefully Ofelia appears on there too.”

Hearing about the writing process of Featurecast’s new album has given me a huge appreciation for how much time and effort is put into making an album.  It blows me away how many countless hours of mulling over tracks are spent while pouring your heart and soul into every second of it make sure it is just the way it has been envisioned.  As an artist myself I know how frustrating it can be at times to want something to sound a specific way and trying to achieve that can be difficult at times, but when the goal is finally met the feeling of accomplishment is extremely rewarding.

Featurecast hit the road last month by kicking off his album tour in London where he featured bass droppin’ booty shakin’ tracks from his new album, but he didn’t stop there!

Album Launch Party – April 29, 2016

Coming off a quick Canadian tour with 4 shows in 4 days, Lee had a chance to link up with his homies Neon Steve, Slynk, The Funk Hunters and The Gaff. I asked him what his most memorable moment of the tour was and here was his reply…“I had a pic taken with Duncan (Funk Hunters) Evan (Slynk) and Steve (Neon Steve) while in Vancouver. I remember looking at the picture and feeling really happy for those guys and how far they had come pushing their sound.”


Posted by Digital Motion Events on Friday, May 27, 2016

The beauty of music is that not only is built up of amazing content but also the community that it creates made up of fans, artists and production members.  Lee reminisces “I remember discovering (Neon) Steve on Soundcloud years ago and I even used to chat to Slynk back in the MySpace days….now they are touring the world and putting out amazing music that pushes a great scene! Really proud of those guys!”

Now that he is back home in the UK, he’s gearing up for a busy festival season in the UK throughout June as well as playing at festivals in Canada during July and August. “I just played my first UK festival of the summer and have a bunch more coming up. Then it’s back to Canada for Evolve festival over east and then of course back again for Shambhala which I’m really excited about.”

I have been a huge Featurecast fan for years and forever will be. To this day whenever I hear Lee play the little fan-girl inside of me is unleashed. This year at Shambhala I am super excited to hear his tracks from the album over the big PK system with all of the colourful fractals surrounding the dance floor at the Fractal Forest…and like always I’ll be sure to limber up before hitting the dance floor. 

Buy “Shout it Out”: http://bit.ly/ShoutItOutJalapeno

“Featurecast delivers an LP full of funky goodness that covers all the genres impeccably. 12 tracks of the highest quality but what more would you expect from an artist at the top of his game #classic.”
Krafty Kuts

“Loving the new album “Shout it out”. So many quality tracks across multiple genres all tied together by Featurecast’s signature production style.”
– A.Skillz

“Featurecast’s new tunes are always staples in my sets; Loving the new album; Playing these loud at my shows!”
– Stickybuds

“999 is big and bouncy as f#$k, stoked to add another Featurecast funker to the collection”
– K+lab

“Featurecast is back with an album as diverse as his constantly evolving skill set. Hip Hop, Funk, Bass and so much more!!!; Featurecast delivers the VIBES!”
– The Funk Hunters


Buy the CD direct from Jalapeno Records and get a bonus track on the CD! Also the choice of a FREE digital download of the 1st Featurecast album ‘Run For Cover’ or ‘Run For Cover’ remixes…..PLUS they will throw in a digital copy of the album as well! Truly the best way to support new music.

Buy direct from Jalapeno Records: http://bit.ly/ShoutItOutJalapeno
Beatport: http://bit.ly/ShoutItOutBeatport
iTunes: http://bit.ly/ShoutItOutiTunes – this link goes to google if you are on an android phone
Spotify: http://bit.ly/ShoutItOutSpotify
Juno Download: http://bit.ly/ShoutItOutJuno
Amazon: http://bit.ly/ShoutItOutAmazon

Album Collaborators:

Illvis Freshly |Greg Blackman | D’Fro | Pugs Atoms
| Illiget | Wes

> JALAPENO RECORDS – “Shout it Out”
– Track List / Description

Getting things underway is Take It Down Low which is a bouncing electro funk jam with some skippy guitar chops and a couple of drops that will get you rushing.

Crazy grows from an atmospheric beginning into a laid back Hip Hop style groove with soulful vocals and tasteful strings. All this and a sprinkling of future funk that comes added courtesy of some synth leads.

With a sound as urgent as its name suggests – 999 is a melting pot of ragga vocals, funk guitar licks, horn blasts and a bass more wobbly than an alcoholic on rollerskates. A new must have track for any fans of breaks, jungle and nu-funk…

Crystal Dawn is a mellow builder that breaks down into a relaxed liquid D&B cut. Strings, soulful vocals and Spanish guitar licks elegantly flit in and out of focus in a production that is crystal clear like the name.

Back to his signature electro funk sound for fourth track – Move. This one liberally uses vocoder, big 80’s guitar sounds and wah bass in amongst his usual funk arsenal of synth patches. It stays true to the name and will get you moving for sure.

Built on an undeniably 90’s sound that channels New Jack Swing and golden age Hip Hop, the saxophone on Head Noise swings harder than Floyd Mayweather and dances more too… It’s a nostalgic corker of a song that takes you back to yesteryear.

On No One Left longtime collaborator and soul man Greg Blackman is called upon to provide his melodic falsetto over the powerful electronic grooves from our man Featurecast. And the result is once again sublime from the duo – a slinking low end driven beast of a track.

More cowbell! The awesomely named Illvis Freshly provide a helping hand on title track Shout It Out (Again & Again) – think Run DMC & Aerosmith and you’re in the right ball park. Wailing guitars, big beats, turntable cuts and tight flows. In your face music for party crowds. The chorus is sung by Blues Soul queen Hannah Williams.

D’Fro and Greg Blackman get in on the action on Get On Through – a classic sounding Hip Hop tune combining the tried and true formula of rapped verses and a big soulful sing-along chorus. If it ain’t broke…

What You Want provides more 90’s inspired Hip Hop goodness with lyrics delivered expertly by Pugs Atomz, Wes & Illy over a jazzy guitar line and drum break. Freestyle flows run through this track left right and centre and Featurecast even throws in a sax solo for good measure –what’s not to like?

D’fro’s second outing on the album – Addicted has a touch of Deadringer-era RJD2 about the production. He verbally riffs over the type of sweet groove most MC’s can only dream of in a track that leaves you with a smile on your face and the tune in your ear.

Anticipate Nothing is a festival ready, anthemic, feel-good Drum & Bass track that builds from atmospheric beginnings to an energetic drum fuelled affair perfect for getting the crowds rocking. Soulful vocals and ambient moments in proceedings counterbalance the manic breaks intelligently, creating a dynamic roller of a tune which will surely become a future classic.


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By: Kristal Hunter / Danio Management