FEATURECAST, EH. The Monster comes to Canada

Lee aka FEATURECAST has been coming to Canada since 2008 and I am grateful and humbled to support such a legendary artist and upstanding person.

I’ve been personally fortunate enough to start working with this gem of a gentleman since 2014 (check). Over the years, we’ve worked in sharing his music and skills here in Canada – playing big and small market cities from coast to coast as well as summer festivals, Shambhala, Electric Love, Connect and Evolve.

A man of a few words, Lee let’s his skills and character do a lot of the talking. He has gained the respect from his loyal fans and peers thru his actions – releasing quality music, putting together mixtapes sure to be on repeat, showcasing his turntablism and mixing skills at every performance and endearing the hearts of anyone he meets with his kind and sincere personality.

It has been a true honour to get to know the man behind the #monster 🙂 A gentle soul that loves his horror films and graphic novels and is disgusted by Turkish Delight chocolate bars. I look forward to more road trips and hangouts to further connect on what has been a wonderful relationship.

While in the midst of his current Canadian tour, I thought it would be cool to put this post together of past flyers and pictures over the years of FC coming to Canada, plus hear what some of his pals have to say about him.

Our team at Danio is excited to help get him out to his old skool following as well as introduce him to new generations of club and festival goers. We thank you for all your continued support and urge you to stay tuned as FEATURECAST pushes to keep the music coming for you.


Here’s all his tour flyers since he started coming to Canada:

(big ups to Fingerlickn and AreaOne Events!)

Through the years of touring, Lee has met and connected with fans and peers, here’s what a few of them have to say about Lee:


“The ability for a DJ to consistently appeal to both entry-level listeners and long-seasoned bassheads is a rare and beautiful thing.

As I resisted the pull of electronic music for a long time, most of my friends had ventured far ahead before I even started sniffing around the music and it’s in FEATURECAST that we continue to find common spaces to bond. His talent for injecting new life and new ideas into familiar sounds is near-unparalleled.

Festivals, shows, house parties – time and time again, Featurecast tracks and mixes fuel dancefloor mayhem. Like Bruce Banner, he seems like a mild-mannered, thoughtful sort of dude, but get him behind the decks and he Hulks up, turning into a groove-monster of epic proportions.

When you see Featurecast’s name or iconic logo, you know your ears are in for a supremely tasty treat.”
– BLAKE MORNEAU – Rags Music (Victoria, BC)

“Lee is truly Mr. Midas. Ace production and a real beast on the decks. A definite game changer and a really humble guy.”


“Lee has made some of the best club bangers the world has ever heard, and helped shape the scene in his selections and dj talent. He will always be one of my inspirations and love watching him rock a party. “
STICKYBUDS (Kelowna, BC / Calgary, AB)

“Featurecast sets are filled to the brim with clever edits, drool-worthy originals and just the right blend of party rocking anthems to keep a dance floor moving.”

“Featurecast has amazing cuts, I always feel inspired to work on my scratching after jamming with FeatureScratch!”
THE GAFF (Saskatoon, SK)

“The undisputed champion of headbanging beats and super sharp cuts!”
NEON STEVE (Salt Spring Island, BC)

“Featurecast always delivers the dancefloor bangers with laser sharp precision”

“Featurecast always rocks the party and is sure to be a Really Good night!!!!!”

“Featurecast has undoubtably been influencing me as a DJ since high school. His productions are a music lovers dream. They pay respects to funk, disco, hiphop and plenty more throughout those decades. He’s a true selector and furthermore a wicked producer who not only has the balls to remix/sample some of the greatest artists of all time, but actually do the sample justice and in a new clever light. THAT is not easy. He’s a veteran and his success is well deserved!”
FLAVOURS (Edmonton, AB)

“Featurecast is a party rockin’ legend. A true magician on the decks who knows how to keep it fresh and current while bringing back the old school.”
DEFUNK (Calgary, AB)

“Lee is one of the most humble artists I have ever met, I absolutely love when I meet an artist and they are very respectful and down to earth, and then he or she hops behind a set of decks and absolutely blows every single crowd away, guaranteed. Every time I see Featurecast his set is completely different, and even when I played 3 shows In a row with him at 3 different venues, he left me guessing as to what was next from start to finish. Hands down one of the top performers in the worldwide scene!”

“Featurecast, aka Lee Mintram, has played Shambhala several times for us, and at Bloom Nightclub for me twice going on three times. Each set I’ve witnessed of his has been kept to the utmost highest of standards, incorporating many of his own original productions while also mixing in the freshest of fresh from his peers, as well as throwbacks to decades ago. He’s also carried himself in nothing but a completely professional manner while I’ve hosted him – always happy to work with Lee and look forward to his sets!”
Talent Buyer, Bloom Nightclub
Media Coordinator, Shambhala Music Festival

We asked soft-spoken Lee a few quick questions about Canada:

Q: When was your first ever show in Canada?
FC: I think it was Shambhala 2008…

Q: What’s your most memorable memory in Canada?
FC: Shambhala 2016 and being on that incredible lineup

Q: What do you think of Canadians?
FC: Quite pleasant 🙂

Q: What were you surprised about most about Canada/Canadians?
FC: From a music point of view, the appreciation and support people have for Djs and producers. You don’t really find that level anywhere else.

Q: Who is your favourite Canadian actor/actress/performer?
FC: I can only think of two. One is actor Ryan Reynolds but he’s not my favourite. The other is Drake and he’s rubbish. I’m sure there are some good ones from here! Lol.

Q: What’s your favourite Canadian city?
FC: Vancouver

Q: What’s your favourite Canadian food?
FC: Peanut butter and jelly or Jam if you’re from the UK. 🙂

Q: What’s your favourite Canadian restaurant?
FC: That sushi place in Vancouver. Honjin Yaletown Sushi Restaurant

Q: WHat’s your favourite Canadian movie?
FC: Can’t think of any?

Q: What’s your favourite Canadian song?
FC: Not Drake

As much as he loves coming to Canada, Lee the family man always can’t wait to get home to his sweet little girl Ophelia and his lady Crystal, and of course his incredibly handsome pug Toby.


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