DANIO – A Monthly Look Back – October 2014


A growing family, love for music, endless talent and a constant wish to make you dance: this is DANIO MANAGEMENT.

If life has been busy and swept you away before you could press play, here is your opportunity to catch up with the Crew and all the juicy goodness that kept us good company in this month of October!

It’s time for our monthly look back! ENJOY!


October started off with a bang that clearly spelled a first and last name:

Lee Mintram a.k.a. FEATURECAST!

In celebration of this announcement, Lee gave away a FREE DOWNLOAD – ‘The Stroke’ – highly requested dance floor weapon as seen, or rather heard in the epic ‘Keep it Coming’ mixtape.


Jpod remixed him…

…Stickybuds collaborated with him…

…most of us have had the pleasure to see him play at Shambhala Music Festival many times, and his mixes are of blinding quality…

…And he even has a sweet side…

Needless to say, He’ll fit in just right.

Welcome Lee!

To many years of sweet music with the Danio team and to even more many packed dance floors in between.


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★ ★ SLYNK ★ ★

Outlaw of Funk Slynk has been on an extremely prolific creative spell in the last few months, and we are happily enjoying the fruits of his work & talent.

If last month brought us gems such as a free Funk Fascination EP (that borderlines obsession) and a funky re-write of Parliament [ Parliament – Flash Light (Slynk Remix – Free Dwonload) ], this month delivered some freshly baked bass Bravado to your speakers with his latest release on Adapted.

Nod Ya Head is the first and most evident side effects of an ingeniously crafted sound inspired by a 21st century old school funked up soul.

The result is a sonic adventure in highly groovy territories with plenty to offer to the ears but with a distinctively more Urban Sound when compared to the infamous Funk Bandito EP…

…but equally smile provoking with its stomping disco flavoured bass bravado, its snapping snares & salacious sounds.

Tune in to Slynk’s fine Bass and Glitch work via social media below and find him in a fine musical shape with this latest effort out October the 20th on Adapted!

And if You don’t find him it’s because He decided to take his world renown Funk Fasciantion south for a tour in Brazil and Argentina that will see him reunite with his many South American funs!

That’s right, it’s the Funktober Tour!


SLYNK Official Website:

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It’s always a pleasure to hear what the talented Timothy Wisdom has been up to in the studio, especially after the short pause he has been enjoying.

Earlier this month he warmed things up just right with a funky reboot full of style and class that pleasantly tickled our ears adding to his sweet collection of free downloads:

And just because it had been a while since we had a chat with one of West Coast most infamous MCs, curiosity got the best of us and we had to ask what else the talented Tim Wiz had been up to in the studio.

He quickly gave us plenty of reasons to smile.


The Collaboration with Nynfus Corporation (Budapest) started while touring East Europe 2 years ago and it is a pleasure to hear its fruits:

Nynfus Corporation (remember their appearance in Back to the Bass Kicks Vol.IV ?) came up with this awesome beat so King Lion (Tim’s Beats & Wisdom through conscious reality side projects) and Timothy himself threw down some vocals.

Engaging and entertaining as only Tim can manage to achieve, this is a super catchy slice of funky hip-hop that showcases plenty of Tim’s lyrical dancing ability.

Out Oct 6th on 12″ vinyl (link to Juno ), this is another quality release from the awesome Breakbeat Paradise Recordings

But Tim has been busy in the Studio, and he had lots more to share with us. So here is a tasty sneak peek for everybody.

* Finishing touches are being made to a new collaboration project with the incredible Beat Fatigue (Adapted Records). Should be hitting the world in October

* Finishing up a new glitch-hop EP featuring a collaboration with southern California’s Vokab Kompany. No set release yet as They’re still making it fresh.

* Also: in the beta testing phase of a new website featuring a crazy new tool that will help DJs find better music on the web. No details yet but it will blow your mind.

AND….(drum roll)…lots of top-secret edits and remixes that will come out as free tracks on his soundcloud in the next few months!


Plenty of reasons to stay connected via social medias below so make sure to stay tuned for more musical madness!

★ ★ T I M O T H Y W I S D O M ★ ★

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Man things have been busy at the DANIO HQ!

Half of the family is around the world, while DANIO’s mastermind Tomas, orchestrates the many details needed to help the artists bring their sounds to a dance floor near you.

22 Shows, 22 cities.

Stickybuds is setting off for his Canadian Fall Into Winter tour excited to make his fellow Canadians dance.

It has been quite a year already for one of B.C.’s finest, and after a well deserved break dedicated to studio time, longboards and friends, He is ready for a new musical adventure – this time around on his own turf after spending the first half of the year traveling the globe.

With a new tune on Adapted title “Easy” dropping next month, this is a chance to hear live what Stickybuds has been up in the studio – which really makes it a show you don’t want to miss.

So sit back, enjoy this Adapted Classic and make sure to stay connected via social media below.

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The talented Jpod the Beat Chef has recently returned from his debut Euro Tour that saw him hit Norway Germany, UK, Israel, and Amsterdam!


And judging from the news that came in, the POD quickly found his groove not just behind the decks…thanks to Norwegian pal Karl Glitch!


JPOD has delighted many dance floors all over America and Australia already and a sonic journey in the old country was long due.

He came home with truffles from barcelona, socks from germany and a snotty drippy cold from the depths of hell but also very happy to have spread his signature smile provoking sound in yet another part of the world!

Somewhere along the way he found the time to cook up his usual Bass & Wobble funky recipe in this collaboration with Hungarian MC AK Sediki for a smooth & silky free tune that finds the duo in a fine musical shape.

Enjoy the Free Download!


Have you ever wonder what the funk is Basement Freak‘s mind all about?

His latest free download is a fine example of the timeless funk that over the years has inspired Mr. George Fotiadis and has helped him shape the sound of Basement Freaks.

Now, he shares it with all the funk lovers out there in celebration of his return to Canada: the sonic journey of the Lo Slung Electro Funk Western Canada Tour starts in Saskatoon this Friday!

danio - basement freaks poster - 2014-10-28

That’s right, Basement Freaks is coming to a town near You with the intention to make you dance.

What to expect you ask? Expect the unexpected from a talented producer that takes inspiration from the past while bringing you to the future of Funk.

Take his latest download for example: Balls to get Phunked up (Tribute to Parliament):
the classic that will always be classic is polished off by the restless producer with some fine musical work – George is a skilled Bass & Guitar player that likes to put a lot of his own live recordings in his music – and is then brought into the studio where musical madness happens under the influence of his customary Booty Bass.

Another piece to add to an endless collection of inspiring funk, this latest free download is part of what Funkateer George describes best as a Funk Tribute:

This is a very special collection of songs that have inspired us over and over and also have helped me shape the sound of Basement Freaks over the years.

Missing Accapellas that never found their way to the public were, in many cases, replaced by the talent of Georges Perin, a man that has soul deep down in his heart and a funk brother of many musical adventures.

Peace Love Unity & Havin’Fun

Another Fine free download from Greece’s best – the third now, in preparation of this tour.

One more of many reasons to mark the calendars for Basement Freak’s arrival!


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And on that note, we’ll leave you to it.

Stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter and don’t miss a beat.

Always lots brewing at the DANIO HQ and always many the resasons to stay connected.

Ciao for now.


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