Gearing up for Astral Harvest with Timothy Wisdom & JPOD


The hustle and bustle of festival season is coming quickly and our artists at Danio Management are getting just as excited as you are! Over the years our guys have hit the decks at Astral Harvest and their experience has been nothing short of memorable. In preparation we asked Timothy Wisdom and JPOD the beat chef a series of questions that expand on their past experiences at the festival, what they are excited for this year and what they have in store…check it out!

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How many times have you performed at Astral Harvest? What year was your favourite and why?

    I heard whispers about Astral from way back in my Tribal Harmonix days.  Then JPOD went one year and came back telling us lots of amazing stories, how welcoming the festival felt and the Astral crew’s hospitality.  I finally had a chance to check it out in 2012 and was totally impressed.  The stages were top notch and the vibe of the community was absolutely on point.  I don’t think I’ve missed one since and it’s really hard to pick a favorite.

  • JPOD:
    I have only performed once about 5 years back. I would have to say that was my favourite year for sure. It’s hard to say why but it probably has something to do with the fact that it was the only time I’ve been before. It was a great year too. That was the last time Spoonbill was in Canada so it was pretty memorable.

Compared to years prior what are you most looking forward to about this year at Astral?

    I became a father a little over a year ago and Astral is a great festival to bring your family.  It has the familiar “rave” vibe but there’s also lots of daytime activities and workshops and plenty of things for kids to feel apart of the scene too.  I’m also excited to wrap my little daughter up and take her out dancing for an evening.  Electronic music and dancing is part of who I am and I’m excited to share it with my family.

    Photo by: AllieKat Photography

  • JPOD:
    This year it looks like I’ll be playing a morning set. I don’t do morning sets very often but I really enjoy them as the people who are out usually have their hearts wide open and are ready for anything beautiful and lush. I will be creating a unique set just for this moment.

What artist are you looking forward to seeing?

    Most folks go to festivals to checkout the International Headliners but I get excited to see all my friends and find out what they’ve been up to over the winter months. JPOD is heading up to Astral this year and he always has super interesting music. SkiiTour is coming back and they’re legends at making the party go off.  And the Funk Hunters are doing a set and I haven’t seen those guys in ages so it’ll be awesome to checkout what they’re doing now.

  • JPOD:
    With such a diverse lineup it’s hard to say who is the most exciting but I’m really enjoying Flavours a lot right now. I’m also stoked if I get a chance to see Buku.

What is one of your favorite things about Astral compared to other festivals that you perform at?

    Astral has such a terrific vibe.  It’s put together by a crew of old friends who have been throwing parties for decades and you can feel it in the small details around the site.  The dance floors are full of people having fun.  There’s random (and roving) art pieces.  But my favorite part is the artist hospitality – they have an onsite kitchen and feed the entire work crew and artists three fresh, organic meals every day. I remember heading to breakfast one morning and hearing the kitchen girls singing soul songs while they made our food.

  • JPOD:
    There are 2 things that stick out as special to Astral that I always remember. The first is the incredible length of daylight that you get. At this time of year in that location it is very close to summer solstice so it stays light much later than most people experience. This also means that sunrise happens quite early. I personally love partying during the day so with so much available fun times are guaranteed.

    The other thing that I remember quite vividly is that the toilets were an amazingly enjoyable experience. I’m used to rushing that as quick as possible because the general cleanliness and smell of your average festival toilets are something we all try to forget. However when I was at Astral I recall the aroma in there actually pleasant. I WANTED to breathe through my nose and take my time, fully relaxed. Not again have I experienced such attention to detail.

What should attendee’s be expecting from you this year at Astral?

    Ha – expect nothing! Nobody, even myself, knows what’s going to happen. I can say that I’ve been asked to do some live Hip-Hop with Everyman and the Pigeon Hole crew – we’ll probably turn it into a freestyle session. I’ll be sneaking down to the beach for a funky afternoon at some point and I’ll have some late night heaters ready for the Interstellevator Stage.

  • JPOD:
    I will be playing a mix of my own and other people’s music. I am currently working on writing tunes that all seem to be great for morning sunrise so all of those will be included. I also encounter other music that I don’t find I can often play because it doesn’t usually suit the slot that I have. So I’m excited to play this for my morning set because it’s such lovely music and helping share in a golden moment is always a great pleasure.

There you have it party people! If this doesn’t get you amped up for Astral Harvest then check out this after-movie from highlights of last year featuring Timothy Wisdom, Stickybuds, Slynk and more.

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By: Kristal Hunter / Danio Management

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