Breakspoll 2015 – The 14th International Breakbeat Awards

It’s that time of the year again – in less then 24 hours the winners for Breakspoll 2015 will be announced.


Plenty of quality breaks have kept us moving in this past year.

The Awards represent not just an opportunity for many artists to shine or to confirm themselves at the top, but it will also be an opportunity to let your favourite artists know how much You have appreciated their hard work and talent over the past 12 months.

And before you know it, it’s not just about your favorite artist anymore, but it’s about that particular song that grabbed your ear and dragged you to the dance floor, it’s about that captivating whistle or that funky swing rift that makes you curious about the artist – it becomes an opportunity to find out who your favorite producer likes to collaborate with, or looks up to.

Voting becomes an opportunity to support the Breaks community, all of its talented artists, DJs and producer that work together with passion to make it into a community and to delight your ears with dance floor monsters.

It’s kind of like voting in real life, except it’s meaningful and extremely fun: it becomes an opportunity to find one, two or 10 new favorite artists that you will then start following adding new blocks to the growing community.

So cast your all important vote and help decide who will come top in this years International Breakbeat Awards.


Last year Danio’s Stickybuds & Slynk took home gold with Best Free Track:
Full tilt Boogie baby!

While the list of family & friends is too long to include everybody, it sure feels great to see so many familiar faces included in the nominations.

Stickybuds, Slynk, Featurecast, Fort Knox Five, Basement Freaks, A-Skillz, Marten Horger, Krafty Kuts just to name a few of the super talented line-up of artists up for Best Producer, while the selection for best free track, remix and original tune might prove a difficult one with so much goodness to choose from.

We would also like to take a moment to thank the Breakspoll crew for an Award winning ceremony, where good music takes the front seat.

And this is just what we like to hear, here at the DANIO HQ.

So cast your all important vote and help decide who will come top in this years International Breakbeat Awards.

A few reminders:

The drop down boxes have “suggestions” in them. These are NOT nominations. The nominations are the final 5 after the voting has been counted.

You can only vote once, so choose carefully!

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