BREAKSPOLL 2014 – The International Breakbeat Awards

It’s that time of the year again!

The Breakspoll International Award is fast approaching and it’s shaping up to be another record setting event celebrating the best of breaks from 2013.


Not sure who to vote for yet?

Plenty of quality breaks have kept us moving in this past year and this will be above anything else an opportunity to support your favorite artists and show them some well deserved love for all the hard work they put in over the past 12 months.

If you are still not sure who to vote for, if you are not familiar with some of the artists involved in the celebration, the FREERANGE Dj’s have been kind enough to put together a special podcast to get you in the mood and to remind you of 2013s biggest tracks!

Before you know it, it’s not just about your favorite artist anymore, but it’s about that particular song that grabbed your ear and dragged you on the dance floor, it’s about that captivating whistle or that funky swing rift that makes you curious about the artist, or it becomes an opportunity to find out who your favorite producer likes to collaborate with, or looks up to.

Voting becomes an opportunity to support the Breaks community, all of its talented artists, DJs and producer that work together with passion to make it into a community and to delight your ears with dance floor monsters.

It’s kind of like voting in real life, except it’s meaningful and extremely fun: it becomes an opportunity to find one, two or 10 new favorite artists that you will then start following adding new blocks to the growing community.

So cast your all important vote and help decide who will come top in this years International Breakbeat Awards.

A few reminders:

Voting closes on Monday 14th April 2014 at 5pm, GMT.

The drop down boxes have “suggestions” in them. These are NOT nominations. The nominations are the final 5 after the voting has been counted.

You can only vote once, so choose carefully!


It’s always tricky to pick favorites when you are dealing with the best in the scene and always so interesting to see how creative and talented producers can be within the same genre.

Note: Below are not nominees by any means but rather a listing of personal favorites in a year that has brought us much in terms of quality.

Best Track of 2013

Stickybuds with the reggae styling of Rage from South Rakkas Crew:

From Germany: the talented MARTEN HØRGER with the sound of LGFU!

Of course a little Krafty Kuts that teams up with Ed Solo for this tasty Breaks mix of “Feel Like Jumping!

Best Remix of 2013

Same as above: hard to pick favorites but take a good listen to the brilliant music these guys have been putting forward month after month.

Slynk will always have a special spot, because he is funky in such a unique way that you can’t help it but smile and dance when you hear him play.

With a chunky break and bouncy bass this upbeat tune by JPOD is sure to get the dance floor in full-on boogie smile mode.

Best Album of 2013

My personal favorite.

Same say albums are dead due to the way we produce and listen to music in the 21st century.

Yet, many artists opted to pour energy, passion and effort in a full length album, and the results have been simply delightful for our ears.

Basement Freaks brought forward a masterpiece in the funky breaks realm with his second full length album: Funk from the Trunk .

This album simply has it all.

Badboe really did quite a number with his Pump up the Funk album, and the remix compilation was a true collection of gems.

Skeewiff needs no introduction, and his Gratest Wiffs are liquid gold for the ears

Big Ups also to Defunk for the truly outstanding “Welcome to the Groove City” and the best English man of them all Mr Pimpsoul for a compilation that has been on repeat for a while here at the Danio HQ: Funk & Beats Vol.1

Best Free Tune of 2013

This category was just a pleasure to put together.

Lots of talent and a unique way to express it.

The Voting also includes Best Producer & Best Breakthrough Producer, Best DJ & Best Breakthrough DJ, Best Web Site/Blog (Free Breaks Blog, Manalogue, Life Support Machine, & Monkeyboxing are our made up nominations) and a few others.

Voting takes only a handful of minutes and it means a lot for all of your favorite artists to hear what you have to say.

So head over Breakspoll and cast your vote now!!