Atmosphere Gathering – Our First Family Festival by: Giulio

by: Giulio – Blog Contributor & Danio Associate

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I realize the title is rather silly in a way, almost school report like. But its’ always tricky to capture in a title something you have never done before: to attend a festival as a family – my wife, my daughter Pia (she is just over a year old) and myself.

And to be honest, I had my reservations. I have attended a few festivals in my life and even though I can’t say I impatiently wait for festival seasons to come around, I also can’t deny the effect and change they have brought in my life.

Festivals are maybe the most unique and wonderful way a society can express itself and they have always been such a lovely extension of B.C. and its’ people and the role music plays in our communities.

But with a baby?

As we wait at the forgivingly short line-up, the first thing that strikes me is the diversity in the crowd.

There is the older fellow, sarong around his waste, already vibing to the faint music; there is the seemingly straighter edge Vancouver family, short hair cuts, running shoes, looking for an alternative kind of experience; the ravers, glow sticks and all (despite still being light out, or maybe I am just getting old) and I immediately caught myself wondering how the hell they were going to pull it all off…the young & the old, the ravers and the families, the “weird” and the “normal”.

The short answer is they did pull it all off and so damn well too.

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The grounds remained immaculate the whole time.

The music really really rocked.

The crowd was sweet. Polite. Involved. It screamed when it was time to scream and it put its earphone on later at night for an epic silent disco party while the town and the rest of the party was sleeping.

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But Let’s talk music for a minute.

There is no question that JPOD has an immense amount of talent. I hadn’t heard him play in a few months and I wonder if because recently becoming a dad or maybe just because of the setting, but his set sounded even more inspired, melodic & sweet plus bouncy & bad ass when needed – so so much fun and by nature for everyone with plenty of classic revisitations, mr podsta style.

Long time pals Skii-Tour killed it because that’s what they do and their contagious energy has no trouble transforming anything within ear reach into a dancing ground.

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SaQi blew my mind – I was particularly excited to see him perform. He has lots of wind instruments in his music and it was so bad ass to watch him take a step out the dj booth and bust out a trumpet live during his set. Brilliant.

The list goes on to be honest with no lack of diversity in the acts – that same diversity so much needed to pull it all together: brass band maestros Soul Rebels, glitch hopping classic Father Funk, looping performers, reggae, the enchanting aboriginal sounds of Deya Dova (do yourself a favour and check her out, she is kick ass) – bass goodness or acoustic delight, it was there.

(the Atmosphere web site is well put together and with plenty of links and play buttons)

We even ran into Slynk having breakfast hanging with the SkiiTour boys. I hoped he was going to get on the decks – haven’t had a chance to check out his epic talk box set yet – but he was just invited to enjoy the festivities this time around and sounded like having a great time!

* Here’s a little clip Slynk took enjoying the Silent Disco! Love that laugh at the end 🙂

While the ear buds found complete satisfaction rather quickly, we still had a kid to entertain as a full day of festival awaited us.

Luckily things went pretty smooth, despite Pia’s best efforts not to collaborate (at times anyways). The Mexi Pops(Island Made Gourmet Frozen Pops) were a good start – so damn good – but all around, to find entertainment and brilliant performances proved pretty easy.

The far corner of the ground was equipped with everything needed for an old school milk crates stacking competiion, 25 did it. Impressive to watch.

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The circus performance was jaw dropping. I felt so mesmerized by it I forgot about pretty much everything around me, including my daughter. Luckily she was also hypnotized and mouth open. Chapeau to Fractal Tribe for the stellar performance.

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Finally, the Tipi was cozy and hosted a nice selection of workshops from explorative drugs to mindful parenting – one nicely after the other.


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Check out this recap video by our fabulous friends at Rebel Cause Films:

In conclusion, Atmosphere Gathering was awesome. I think some of the albums from the evening speak much louder then what I wrote (with a big thank you to Kove Photography for letting us use some of their brilliant work in the post), so make sure to visit this link, and consider attending next year.

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Atmosphere Gathering
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Giulio delle Nuvole
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Giulio came to British Columbia with little knowledge and understanding of Electronic Music. Some may have called, back then, even an aversion. And then? After a memorable hitching adventure through the roads of the Kootenay’s Mountain, he landed in Nelson B.C. just in time to catch Z-trip playing at the infamous Spirit Bar.

A new journey began on that very dancefloor – musically inspired by Z-trip first and than by the many talented artists that he met in his now home away from home – and he never looked back.

From Reggae Dub, to Glitch Hop with out forgetting an healthy dosage of Drum n’ Bass and Funk, Electronic music is now an endless source of inspiration and happiness in Giulio’s life.

It’s a way to connect, to share and be together as important as Giulio’s other life passion: food. And when You magically combine these 2 elements together is also where You might spot Giulio flying above the clouds.

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