> is an artist & talent management enterprise that aims to support and guide passionate artists to fulfil their goals and achieve both personal and business success.

My name is Tomas Avendano – founder of DANIO MANAGEMENT

Years in the making . . . I’ve taken my own personal life and business experiences in administration, management consulting and combined it with my love for music and appreciation for artists and their passion and have evolved my management service company to focus on – Artist & Talent Management.

In January 2011, in initially supporting my amazingly talented friend Tyler aka Stickybuds, my intention was and is to build a consulting and management support system for him and other dedicated and passionate artists in which they can achieve success and balance in both their professional and personal life. Over the last few years, I have been blessed to also be part of the journey of JPOD, Timothy Wisdom, Slynk, Featurecast, Fort Knox Five, K+Lab, JFB, Nick Thayer, Basement Freaks, D-Funk, Pimpsoul, Mr. Bill and Wood ‘n Soo.

I am eager to learn and grow and assist this fine group in taking steps forward in their life path to success.

These are my intentions and objectives:

* To live simply with passion, love and balance . . . one breath at a time.

* To openly continue to evolve and share knowledge.

* To support artists by giving them an opportunity to focus their time and efforts on their craft by providing them with personal and business management, all the while pursuing to remain aware of the following:

simplify | breathe | love | passion | balance

| simplify |
too often we have the tendency to complicate,
but when we bear down to the basics and keep
things simple we achieve a sense of openness
within and accomplish what seems impossible

| breathe |
the mere act of taking a breath takes us into the moment,
living in the now. it is very easy to lose sight of that awareness
when one gets caught up in the distractions of what goes on in the
daily bustles of life

| love |
unconditional love is the essence of pure bliss and happiness

| passion |
the act of pursuing to express one’s artistic passion
in whatever medium is an incomparable motivation which
i support wholeheartedly

| balance |
striving to maintain a balance in all aspects is key
to continued success and happiness