A Year of Free Music – A Look back at 2013 with the Danio Management Artists

L-R: Slynk/Soo/Tomas/Wood/Timothy Wisdom/Stickybuds/Mr. Bill

FREE! Is there any sweeter word? especially when associated with Music, the word free can be as seductive as few.

And with the end of the year celebration well on its way, it seems appropriate to take a look back at this incredible 2013 through the Big Beats, Crunchy Bass Lines, Clever Lyrics, and pure Talent that kept us in good company in the last 12 months.

Not easy to pick 12 tunes that the crew kindly delivered to our ears for free, because it was a year rich in sounds this 2013.

And it’s always important to point out that free really means that THEY often had to spend endless hours in the studio perfecting harmonies, collaborating with lyrics and clever bass lines, and testing the results on the many dance floor they had the pleasure to entertain from the mighty Shambhala all the way to smaller venues.

So Make sure to visit their pages, drop a line or two in a comment, share their music with friends, give them the thumb up, and tell them how much you appreciate their extreme radness – it all helps to keep them going and that really means more awesome music for our eardrums!

So press Play and enjoy this selection – no particular order, just a list of personal favorites from this fine 2013 powered by the Danio Management Artists.

First Up, Soul Man Timothy Wisdom teams up with long time friend Dash from the Root Sellers to deliver a Melodic and Groovy tune, combining Ghetto-Funk, Hip-Hop and a simple but important message.

So make sure You make sense of your senses and Put in Your Earplugs. This is Timothy Wisdom coming through the System!

(Big ups to Captain Planet for the original Beat)

Timothy Wisdom/Tomas

If You have ever Wondered What could happen if Slynk’s Boogie Madness met Stickybuds’ Big Funky Bass then “Full tilt Boogie” is your answer.

A Classic Slynk intro paves the way, as their 2 unique Sounds almost study each other before merging in Musical Madness, epic saxophone, Cut Up Vocals and pure Nu-Funk Goodness: It’s a full tilt boogie Baby!

Leave it to Mr. Slynk to bring some quality funk in your life and You know You will be in good Hands!

2013 was a big year for this superman producer that has been delighting dance floors with his funky vibes and signature dance moves in Australia, Canada and for the first time in Europe!

Ladies & Gentleman, the newly acquired West Coast funk Ambassador DJ SLYNK!

Basement Freaks/Slynk/Timothy Wisdom

For the next tune Eclectic Electronica Artist Bobby C Sound TV teams up with Canadian Nu-Funk wizard Stickybuds.

Hip-Hop pioneers Jungle Brothers laid down the vibes as the dynamic Duo proceed to funk up the dances doing what they do best with bad ass drums and epic horn lines.

it’s a “Party Remedy”!

This 2013 we have witnessed some incredible collaboration from across the globe.

Nearly impossible to pick a favorite but when the full Wookie Power of Stickybuds met the diabolically glitchy mind of Mr. Bill, something out of the ordinary had to happen.

And that’s how “Porn Funk” was born.

It was a 2013 full of Original Material for Mr. Bill, that collaborated with half of the globe to bring You fresh sounds of musical exploration.

Motion Notion: Stickybuds/Lauren/Rebecca/Jpod/Slynk/Mr. Bill

You can find out more about The Collaborative Endeavors: a Glitch Opera here.

More StickyBuds, more Mr Bill. Slightly more on the Classic side but still wonderfully glitchy and contagiously bouncy: the classic funk jam by Sun “On My Radio” revisited Midtempo Bass Funk Style!

JPOD has delighted us with a ton of free music this year. And it’s nothing but musical pleasure for the ear drums to hear what He has been cooking up in the studio.

Always top notch work from one of the most respected artists in the West Coast.

Rebecca/JPod – Photo by Xavier Photography

For the occasion, JPOD takes Beats Antique’s artful Catskillz and infuse it with his Glitch Hopping Whombadelic magic touch.

And just like that, You got yourself a super tasty re-work that will quickly find a comfortable spot in your ears.

The huge talent of Pimpsoul could not not find his way on this list. Despite a busy year in his personal life (Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Pimpsoul!), This fine English gentle-man has the funk running freely in his blood and his ears and magical fingers always deliver (check out the top notch Funk n Beats selection he has recently put together for Bombstrikes).

Have to go back a few months for this one, but it’s that classic sound that will have You press the repeat button a few hundreds time.

Steve (Pimpsoul) & his lovely wife Taj

Funky Hip-Hop Sampling DnB Monster Jam from Vancouver’s most dynamic duo Wood n’ Soo that proves once again their fame of relentless taste makers with this sweet little number.

Always a true pleasure to press play when the infamous duo is involved.

So Clear off some room and get ready to Jump!

L-R: Wood/Basement Freaks/Tomas/Soo/Timothy Wisdom/Slynk

One hell of a year for Funkateer Basement Freaks. With a Second north America tour and an East Block European tour under his belt, this super talented producer has been spreading his Electronic low slung booty shaking Funk across the globe.

And to celebrate the release of his third full length album – Funk from the Trunk– He kindly gave away this little pearl!

Stickybuds/Basement Freaks

And to finish things off with a little love and Melody and directly from the land of down Under (Via UK) comes Mr. D-Funk quenching your dance-floor thirst with this beautiful remix of the awesome “Get Free” by Major Lazer. Enjoy!

Space – We Love – Stickybuds/D-Funk/Mr. Doris

What else to add?

For me personally, it has been a true pleasure to join the Danio team and get to know the artists behind the music I love.

There is not just talent behind their success, but a lot of hard work, many late nights in the studios and en endless passion for making people dance as if nobody is watching.

And judging from the results, this year has been a success.

Many shout-outs should be made to the many friends and family that have shown their support in this year.

From all the promoters across Canada and the Globe, to the thousands of fans that have rammed dancefloor showing off their best and worst dance moves, many have been involved in making this such a memorable year.

But one man in a particular has won the respect and love of many, for pouring his heart and his energy into the music community and for believing in the crystalline talent of the artists He manages.

Loving the vibes of our West Coast Bass family more than ever
– G ( Giulio delle Nuvole : Assistant Artist Manager – Danio Management )


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★ ★ WOOD N SOO ★ ★


★ ★ PIMPSOUL (UK) ★ ★


★ ★ D-Funk ★ ★


★ ★ Mr BILL ★ ★


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