DANIO – A monthly look back – May 2014


Another month has gone by with plenty of good music to delight our ears, but life is busy sometime and it can sweep you away before you can press play.

So in case you missed it, here is a look back at all the juicy goodness that kept us good company in this month: liquid sunshine for your ears with the Danio artists and a little extra that this springy May has surprised us with!

★ ★ Wood n Soo ★ ★

The diabolical Vancouver duo has been busy on all front in this past month of May with 2 distinctively different releases to testify, once again, their unique abilities at the control decks.

They first delighted our ears transporting the beautiful Stay by award-winning and inspiring rising B.C. star Kyla LeBlanc (a.k.a. Kytami) into a smooth and glitch hopping realm infused with elements of funk and reminiscent of Jpod the Beat Chef finest work.

To land, shortly after, on the Irish Moss Records camp with their first fully original release.

It’s an almighty of a banger infused with the Funkafied breakbeat vibes of the West Coast and complimented by Deadly Hunta‘s engaging vocals.

This is a Juno Download exclusive suited for a roaring reggae-roasted party joint.

And if that wasn’t enough, DJ Wood launched the first installment in his new monthly podcast series The Chopping Block!.

Needless to say he offers a highly entertaining 45-minutes-long-collection of music that has tickled his all-knowing ear-drums.

And DJ Soo had a baby!

Well, his wife Emily did, but nonetheless, big congrats on such an awesome event and welcome to the family lil’ Isobel Vicotria!



★ ★ Basement Freaks ★ ★

Next Up is a man that never sleep: the mighty Basement Freaks!

That might be a direct consequence of the exceedingly high amount of funk he has flowing in his vein that keeps him up most night cooking up mixes of this caliber for the epic Funk the World Series .

In this 23rd chapter, Funkateer Basement Freaks takes you on a sonic journey through a wide range of worldly rhythms, from Latin to Cumbia and Afrobeat with that true passion for worldly funk sounds that animates all this talented producer does.

But of course, always expect more from George’s volcanic mind.

The second installment of the Studio Session saw the super talented Gaff stopping by with a visit that brought plenty of smiles to the table.

So come on in, grab a drink, find a comfortable spot, and enjoy the studio session series hosted by Basement Freaks! (check out the first episode here)

And with new music coming out soon from both his side projects the SPANK! and Smokey Bandits, you know very well that this is a talented artist that you want to keep a close eye on!

Genuine feat Icient Warrior is a mid-tempo of moombah to promote the upcoming EP release on Bombastic Jam .

Bass lines come and go, trumpets sitting lazily in the living room, accordions and trombones melting around: Smokey Bandits’ new EP is a sonic journey exploring the sounds of the old world!

From dance floor fillers to hammock chillers the talented Greek producer has always something in his crates to entertain your ears.

Official Website:

Social Media:

★ ★ JPOD ★ ★

On May 5th, JPOD released “Taking a Deep Breath” – his most focused release since his 2012 debut album Halfsteppin’, with five original compositions demonstrating great maturity in terms of skill and style.

The EP quickly gained the spotlight meeting great support from the many delighted fans: UK Glitch Hop featured the talented Danio artist on their monthly radio Show Glitch.FM with a tasty guest mix and an interview taking a closer look at this brilliant release.

And with a busy festival season fast approaching, you know very well to expect nothing but the freshest beats from the talented JPOD the beat Chef!

Official Website:

Social Media:

★ ★ Stickybuds ★ ★

Stickybuds has been enjoying some well deserved time off after an incredible streak of over 40 shows since the beginning of the year.

But not just long-board rides, catching up with friends, and sleeping in his own bed for the talented Tyler.

Time in his own town of Kelowna really means time in his studio.

So keep ion touch and stay connected because new music is brewing in the studio after the 2 quality releases (the awesome collaboration with Featurecast is a free download) since the beginning of the year!

And after a well deserved rest, Stickybuds will be hitting the road again this next month with his first USA tour!

stickybuds - 2014-06-03

Official Website:

Social Media:

★ ★ SLYNK ★ ★

Funk prodigy Slynk just arrived back to Canada after a successful tour in Australia & New Zeland and is already getting ready to leave the country – direction Europe – for his second tour in the old world.

danio - slynk poster - 2014-06-05

The road often offers plenty of inspirations to the traveling artist, as he connects with local talents, friends and fans from all over the globe, and so it’s safe to expect more quality music from Slynk that had the opportunity to catch up with Mr Bill, K+lab and a few other skilled musician while on tour.

So despite the lack of new music, keep a close eye on his page while giving another listen to the Bass and glitch sounds that meets jazz funk and soul in the classy Snatching it back, the latest collaboration with talented Melbourne base producer Cheshire..

Official Website:

Social Media:

★ ★ Timothy Wisdom ★ ★

Back from a successful European Tour, Sir timothy Wisdom has been busy doing what he does best: entertaining large and small crowds with that unique style that makes it such a pleasure to watch him perform live!

This is the Red Room this past Saturday, when he rocked a sold out show with his boy Slynk and Neon Steve during another epic night hosted by Twisted Production


And we all know that a little bit of Wisdom goes a long way!

And Here’s a collection to prove just that:

Official Website:

Social Media:

And that is all, for this month of May!

Many thanks to the boys for doing what they do with such passion and love and many thanks to Tomas for all the hard work, passion, intuition and wisdom he pours in the Danio Project planning every step of the way and helping this talented group of artists achieving their dreams!

Giulio delle Nuvole

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