A monthly look back – March 2014


March has brought us plenty of good music to delight our ears, but life is busy sometime and it can sweep you away before you can press play.

So in case you missed it, here is a look back at all the juicy goodness that kept us good company in this month: liquid sunshine for your ears with the Danio artists.

★ ★ JPOD ★ ★

Jpod has literally spoiled us over the last few weeks with an epic musical journey reshaping the definition and scope of Blues & Swing music with that unique mad head hopping style and the bumping power of a wise Bass that the Beat Chef has gotten us used to over the years.

From the legendary harmonica of Little Walter to the infinite Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, the Blues & Bebop giveaways gives a modern dance-floor twist to many old classics and the results simply speak for themselves.

But of course, what else to expect if not musical radness from a man that has delighted audiences from all over the world (last of which was Envision Festival, where this pic was taken by the talented Rebecca Metamorphograph)?


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March will also be remembered for the incredible adventures of a funk duo that might not be legendary quite yet, but it sure making its mark in many people ears.

The Funkiest of the Funkiest the West Coast has to offer, a.k.a. Soul Man Timothy Wisdom and Bad-boy-funk-prodigy DJ Slynk hit the road and dropped original funk in a few selected cities.

And after getting many dance floor in full-on boogie smile mode, the diabolical duo will most definitely be collaborating with more music and more projects: so trust these guys with your funk, stay connected (links below) and expect more clever lyrics, melodic vocals, funky-hip.hop-b-boy-breaks style productions, and a whole groove armada lining by the speakers.

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★ ★ SLYNK ★ ★

Slynk also managed to find some time to infuse the chart topping Bouncy Bouncy with his funk bandito bravado in this stellar remix out on Adapted Records

An overall smoothness that adds roundness to the bass lines and that smile provoking agenda customary in Slynk’s tunes, delivers a smooth and bouncy remix that had us press play several times in a row.

Heading Back to Australia for a prodigal son return to the land of down under & New Zeland tour, expect the unexpected from a talented man that will do anything – even eat bananas– to bring contagious funk to your ears.

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Meanwhile Stickybuds has been busy touring for most of his 2014.

Currently in Europe for his 4th European tour and fresh off the boat from his 3rd (and extremely successful) Australia & New Zeland tour, Stickybuds has been making his mark more then ever all over the world captivating his audiences with his unique energy and presence.


And of course through amazing music.

He ended the Month of February dropping another massive tune with favorite partner in crime Ed Solo and Sizzla’s melodic rasta power in “I am Living”

And then continued the trend in the Month of March with 3-6-9: Old School funk meets the Nu-Funk Bass Bravado of the West Coast in a fruitful collaboration with heavy weight Breaks champion Featurecast.

This fine tune had our feet moving and our shoulder bouncing for the last 2 weeks and if it hasn’t made its way to your ears, it is really time it does.

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But of course there is plenty of more music.

Basement Freaks celebrates 10000 fans and unleashes a monster jam straight out of his latest DJ mix “Booty Shackin

Skilfully blending James Brown with the critically acclaimed hip-hop duo Dead Prez in an undeniably engaging way, the talented producer delights us with a mash-up of beats and melodies twisted in a tasty slice of funk. (download it here)

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★ ★ WOOD N SOO ★ ★

And Wood n Soo, of course, adding deep jungle vibes to Damian Marley & Sean Paul‘s commanding vocals in their awesome “Riot” remix and bringing the energy up a few notches and with it, an unstoppable urge to move your body.


★ ★ MR BILL ★ ★

Impossible to forget Mr Bill and his latest full album effort IRL?

After the Collaborative Endeavors, Mr Bill measures himself with a more introspective project that does much to re-design the geography of Glitch-Hop.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://mrbillstunes.com/


And in between all of that there was also a lot of Fab Samperi and a truly outstanding remix release of his Power Bossa Album that included more of Stickybuds and more of Basement Freaks.

And with Timothy Wisdom making his way to Europe, Slynk heading to Australia, Mr Bill coming to North America and Stickybuds finally home for a short little while in preparation of the festival season, this coming month is already shaping up to be another exciting one.

So stay tuned and keep your ears ready for another month of great music with the Danio Team!

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