2015 with the DANIO FAMILY – (Part 3) – Official Releases

We looked back at 2015 & put together THREE Playlists – (1) FREEBIES (2) RELEASES and (3) MIXES that were kindly delivered to our ears by our talented group of artists and this is an accompaniment to part 3 – Official Releases.

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Our talented group of artists has continued to surprise us over the past 12 months with a continuing passion and dedication that helped them deliver original sounds like the ones in this list.

More then a simple list of personal favourites, but rather a catalogue of originality.

These guys are damn good.

2015 DANIO – A Look Back (Part 2) – OFFICIAL RELEASES

Timothy Wisdom – Bad Mother

Crank up the funk with Timothy Wisdom and Break Beat Paradise Records with a fun filled release that left us sweaty and out of breath.

Tim Wiz digged Bad Mother out of the vault quickly reaching the #1 selling breakbeat record on Juno Downloads! Not bad for West Coast most infamous Funk and Soul Man who added the big achievement of becoming a father to an impressively busy month. Big ups TIM!

You can grab this tasty track here here along with 3 other awesome jams on “Bring Back the Funk Vol 3”!

Do It!

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Featurecast – Everybody On The Floor

Featurecast was at the control decks for this first Jungle Strikes Release and the results found a comfortable spot in your ears as fast as we could press play.

The funky Drum n’ Bass soaks in the reggae summer vibes for a dance floor filler of unquestionable quality.

Time to be friend with Featurecast and Jungle Strikes.

Out NOW on Juno.

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Fort Knox Five – Reach (feat Flex Mathews)

Soaking in that feel good fusion of hip-hop, funk and soul that was destined to be the soundtrack of many folks’s summer, Fort Knox Five busted out on the scene with Reach (feat Flex Mathews) and we knew immediately things were gonna get hot.


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It’s The Music (A.Skillz + Stickybuds Remix) by The Mighty Mocambos feat Afrika Bambaataa

It only took a day to get to the top of the Beatport Glitch Hop Chart for this tune that will give you even more reasons to like A. Skillz & Stickybuds.

It’s The Music by The Mighty Mocambos feat Afrika Bambaataa did indeed get the royal remix treatment by the infamous duo with Funking fresh bass lines & grooving sax solos that accompany the legend of Afrika Bambaataa in a sonic journey that will find a confutable spot in your ears in no time.

Really good.

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Slynk Feat. AfroQBen & Max Ribner – Front Yard Futon

Slynk pulled off magic trick after magic trick over the last 12 months and delivered so much good music and a full length album that seduced our senses.

Fron Yard Futon is soaked in nostalgic feelings for a time when cell phone did not exists & friends would just drop by announced. Add a futon in your front yard, a set of decks, clever instrumentation, changes in tempos, and that charismatic Bass Bravado so distinctive in his sound, top it with a funky fresh mind and you got yourself the story behind the tune.

Funky fresh for a reason. It deserves a listen and after it, it deserves another one.

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Vokab Kompany – Kaleidoscope (Produced by JPOD)

2 Parts San Diego, 1 part JPOD, Kaleidoscope offered something new for our ears from the talented B.C. producer.

This uptempo dance floor extravaganza brought plenty of edge to the decks with its groovy house vibes & fresh lyrical dancing and it found a steady place in our musical rotation.

Spread, share, bump and digest the fun-K!

Big ups to Vokab Kompany for their first release of their upcoming album Good Kompany & big ups to JPOD for always bringing the freshest sounds to our speakers!


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Basement Freaks – Ladies Look Pretty

Booty Shaking bad ass Electronic Funk whaaaat?

The mighty Basement Freaks raised the bar once again with a new EP out on September 4 on Bombstrikes (via Juno first here) that blew our speakers off and anything within ear reach.

So good you might think there are 2 of them masterminding behind the scenes. But no, just one crazy Greek.

Big Ups.