2015 with the DANIO Family – (Part 2 ) – In the MIX

We looked back at 2015 & put together THREE Playlists – (1) FREEBIES (2) RELEASES and (3) MIXES that were kindly delivered to our ears by our talented group of artists and this is part 2 – In the MIX.

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6 mixes have been on a steady rotation here at the Danio HQ.

6 mixes, 6 Djs, close to 500,000 soundcloud plays.

8 hours of music – a huge spectrum covering Breaks, Funk, Bass, Reggae, Latin, Dub, Moomba, Hip-Hop, DnB, sured to entertain you ears while you conquer your day away.

Here we go!

2015 DANIO – A Look Back (Part 2) – In the MIX

StickybudsFractal Forest Mix – Shambhala 2015

You would think that after 11 years playing in the same venue it might become tricky (or at least trickier) to find the inspiration to put something special together.

But the simple truth is that year after year Stickybdus shows up at the Forest, queues the whole venue to his monitor and the exact opposite happens.

Every year is better, more intricate and pleasing with its hunting accepellas and tightly clever instrumentation, change in tempos & a virus like ability to make your body move.

The reason for this are many but 245.000 plays in just a few months make for a much better proof.

As Always, take a moment to send the talented Stickybuds some social media love, before you slap this mix on your player.

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SLYNK – LIVE @ Shambhala Fractal Forest Mix

Buckle up and get ready to be transported back to Shambhala’s most well know forest with captain Slynk at the control decks and his Shambhala Fractal Forest Mix in your ears.

The long awaited mix was png awaited, contagious, brilliant & exhilarating with its intoxicating, 1.5 hours long, balancing act of funk, breaks, and b-boy productions that slip into your ears with the attitude and swag of a true Bass Maestro.

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Wood N SooShambhala 2015 Fractal Forest Mix

The opportunity to be back in the magic of the Fractal Forest (along side one more year spent on perfecting skills and refining ears), has inspired Vancouver’s most infamous duo immensely: the result is 2 hours of top notch fractal suited funky beats – yours to discover.

So do what’s right and put this great mix in your ears & show them the well deserved love they earned via social medias below.

Well done boys. This mix is dope.

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JPODThe Grove, Shambhala 2015

Even here at the Danio HQ, we had been waiting excitingly to put JPOD‘s Shambhala‘s Set at the Grove in our ears.

1 hour and 15 minutes of original tunes, exclusive edits and remixes soaking in the lushness of a sound so perfectly suited for the grooving trees of Shambhala but so fresh no matter where it comes from.

Sit and ponder life, enjoy & share as you embark on a sonic journey that offers a little something something for everyone from age 4 to 100 years old.

That’s right, it’s time to tell the good JPOD what you think of all of this musical gold via social media below.

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Fort Knox Five ft. Qdup – Four Deck DJ Set – 2015 Shambhala Mix

It’s always sweet when you spot FK5‘s name written beside a play button.

You know damn well that with just one click your speakers will acquire supernatural powers while transforming your bedroom, your kitchen, the park, or even just your ears in a full dance floor party.

Always fresh of course, but particularly so because celebrating 10 years of the D.C. Collective at the Fractal Forest, this years Four Deck Dj set for Shambhala Music Festival feat. QduP is…well…brilliant, but I guess we already knew that.

The Sonic journey visits plenty of FK5’s latest Pressurize the Cabin LP but is of course soaked in that worldly Funk that makes them so unquestionably pleasing to your ears: from sweet balkan vibes, to dubby flutes & old school Hip-Hop, this set will seduce your feet to the nearest dance floor.

Qdup‘s talent adds to the floor destroying action with plenty of live mashed up acapellas, fx, original tunes, exclusive mixes and many favourites.

The funk is served.


It was a bittersweet celebration for many as the sad news of our dear friend and musical partner Jon Horvath aka DJ Jon H of FK5 had already reached the farm.

The overwhelming love express by the forest, and the continuos recognition for a man that truly contributed like no others to creating and building the Funk, speaks loudly of JON and how honourably he lived his life.

But words today will not be louder than the music, so today and everyday let the Funk play loud and think of Jon H.


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Tying things up is Slynk once again that gets an honourable mention for being on a mad roll in this 2015 with multiple festival appearances, the release of his first full length album and last but far from being the least, a special DJ guest appearance on the infamous WEFUNK Radio Show.

You can listen to the mix here.

Well done buddy, well done.


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