2015 with the DANIO FAMILY – (Part 1) – FREEBIES

We looked back at 2015 & put together THREE Playlists – (1) FREEBIES (2) RELEASES and (3) MIXES that were kindly delivered to our ears by our talented group of artists and this is part 1 – FREEBIES.

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In no particular order, below is a list of personal favourites from this fine 2015 powered by the Danio Management Artists and as always We would love to hear your personal favourites – So get involved!

Alright! Let’s do this!

2015 DANIO – A Look Back (Part 1) – FREEBIES

Dj Vadim Ft. Demolition Man – If Life Was A Thing (Stickybuds Remix) – Free DL

Well, well, well. First up was an easy pick.

It’s DJ Vadim, it features the legendary Demolition Man and it was remixed by Stickybuds.

Pretty sure that little is left to be said beside pressing play to add to an already impressive 261k.

From the Dubcatcher of all Dubcatchers to B.C. owns’ Stickybuds, enjoy this free download, its inspiring lyrics and its monster reggae bass vibrating its way to your ears.

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Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music (Slynk Remix) [Free Download]

If You left it to funk Master Slynk to bring some sunshine to your ears in this 2015, You were not disappointed.

Fresh summer vibes and hopping Bass lines with this one, originally designed to prepare you for Festival Season but in this case to keep you warm as you dance winter away.

A monster year for a dude that did not stop & a CATALOGUE that grew with top notch material.


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Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek (JPOD Remix) [FREE]

How do You pick a favourite for JPOD? Your input is needed at this point because the talented producer truly graced our ears with so much quality free music over the past year but You’ll have to head to his You Tube Channel to pick your favourite since the questionable witch-hunting copyright policy of Soundcloud caused quite a migration of talent from the previously beloved sites.

For me personally, it’s the melting bass lines of this sweet sounding remix of Imogen Heap‘s Hide & Seek that stole the scene.

Always quality for the Beat Chef!

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Featurecast & The Gaff – Ain’t Got Time

The ultimate Marvin Gaye meets Stevie Wonder track that never existed thanks to this Motown funkster match made in heaven: so classic, for old and young alike, even your grandma can still appreciate it.

When Featurecast & The Gaff got a chance to play together this past year, it didn’t take long to get to talking about their mutual love for Stevie Wonder’s “Hey Love” and how the world needed an edit of it, and just like that, a few sleepless nights, some dusty records and a little bit of finesse: “Ain’t Got Time” was born!

240k plays later, here we are enjoying its sound like it was our first time.

Really Good

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Timothy Wisdom & Charlie Bale – Gimme Some More (FREE DOWNLOAD)

It was a big year for the talented Tim that still managed to deliver some quality music to your ears despite the bigger project of becoming a dad. (Congratz TIM!)

It’s Charlie Beale (UK) and Timothy Wisdom keeping the funk alive in this case, with this global collaboration that starts with funky guitar rifts to then drop in the studio for some Drum + Bass + Wisdom engineering.

So damn catchy.

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I Got A Woman – Ray Charles (Dan Gerous X Basement Freaks Bootleg)

Basement Freaks simply destroyed the year away: just tale a stroll down his Soundcloud page to get a better idea of how inspired this crazy Greek really was over the past 12 months.

I’d say, really inspired, and with a new album in the works things are gonna get pretty damn hot, so make sure to stay close via social medias below.

Here he is Tweakin’ Dan Gerous bootleg of “I Got A Womanton” for a monster collab, free as required by this list.

Booty Shakin’ guaranteed.

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Fvk Tha Police (Wood n Soo Reboot)

Infamous Wood N Soo delivered serious heat to your ears for a good chunk of the year with a tasty series of redressing and re-addressing of selected dance floor classics that has made us love them long time.

And if we take in consideration the fact that Soo also became a father, then double chapeau for finding the time to make music happen and grace our ears with it.

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K+lab, Stickybuds – Super Gravy ft Laughton Kora & Bailey Wiley

It was early this year that The New Zealand born music Wizard K+Lab was officially introduced to our funk loving family.

And just a few months into it, he teamed up with glitch-hop champion Stickybuds with a funk-filled release on Gramatik’s independent label Lowtemp

Super Gravy builds from the vibes of EASY adding an irresistible summer festival feel with extra Sticky Horns and bad bad ass Bass.

Yours for your listening pleasure of course.


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Nick Thayer – Astronaut / Lunatic EP // FREE DOWNLOAD

Bass gentleman Nick Thayer also joined the family back in January and the news rippled through the year, because, well, this guy is damn good.

No strangers to our music scene, it’s needless to say we were incredibly excited to represent his sound on Canadian Soil!

Nick Thayer

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Fort Knox Five – Ready Go feat Raashan Ahmad (Original Mix)

2015 didn’t just bring smiles to our faces. It also brought tears.

It did bring us smiles at first trough the eclectic music of this inspiring D.C. Collective and their decision to join forces in Canada with our crew.

A brilliant ALBUM followed, a tour, and the excitement to share space not just in our ears with what had become musical brothers but also physically, on the many dance-floors of their West Coast Tour in their home away from home. B.C.

It’s often hard to verbalize a feeling we all have experienced to some degree in our lives and I doubt I am the most prepared or knowledgeable to do so, but the simple truth is that we miss Jon H.

The show must go on, they say. And I believe it did. But there was a long pause somewhere in between. An outpour of love.

For some a brother, for some a friend, for most simply an incredibly talented artist, it is of maybe small but truly significant comfort the knowledge that he is beside the one he loves the most.


(photo credit Lauren Joan Photography)


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