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Marvin Gaye – How Sweet It Is (JPOD Remix) [Free Download]

With each song crafted to invoke the most blissful boogie and sparkling sing along, the Mambo & Motown Sonic Journey had to pay a visit to Marvin Gaye, because everything about this super special time at Bass Coast is a … Read More

Timothy Wisdom – Bad Mother – Breakbeat Paradise Records

Crank up the funk with Timothy Wisdom and Break Beat Paradise Records with a fun filled release that will leave you sweaty and out of breath.

Tim Wiz digs Bad Mother out of the vault and on Mar 5, 2015 … Read More

JPOD – Dusted Sunset – Omelette Records

Omelette Records 10 year anniversary compilation is out, featuring an acclaimed list of innovative international artists in the field of modern electronic music.

This whopping 16 track album has been compiled to include 16 artists from 7 different countries serving … Read More

Ghetto Funk releases back Catalogue: grab Stickybuds (GFP02), Featurecast (GFP01) & many more for FREE.

A 4 Track Ep that might be a few years old but still sounds super fresh and Stickybuds guaranteed.

The homies over at Ghetto Funk are doing many a pleasure by releasing their back catalogue for free ( that’s right … Read More

Sam Cooke – Change is Gonna Come (JPOD Remix) [Free Download]

Click to -DOWNLOAD


You just wonder, every time you listened to the epic Bliss Coast Series, how JPOD will manage to top the previous instalment.

But somehow, He simply & always does.

And the end of a … Read More